problem after installation


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hi folks, i've got a problem with my fifa! i downloaded the junjoong turf patch and afterwards my game crashed! so i tried to fix it with regenerator and cm 09 but nothing seemed to work! so i uninstalled fifa and deleted all files and patches which were used in fifa, cm09 included. so i had no fifa files anymore on my computer. then i installed fifa new and wanted to start a game. but as i choosed the teams, they still had the jerseys i insert with cm09 and then when the game was loading it crashed and i fell back on the desktop! i have no idea why! i really deleted all files aand folders!
can somebody help me? thanks


make sure you deleted both folders

hdd\programs files\ea sports\fifa 09 - the entire ea sports folder if fifa is the only ea game
hdd\my documents\fifa 09

try to find an uninstaller program like your uninstaller 2008 (i have it) & uninstall with that it removes all registry keys related to fifa 09 in the registry.

then reinstall & you should be okay.