problem with fifa fat size


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hi, i have a problem and i'm loosing my mind, i have installed fifa 09 + argentine ligue + big quantity of the fifa fat reachs his limit, and someone gave me the thing by fifamania that allows you to increase the size (another 2000 files i think)...and it works. Now the problem is that i have reach somehow the limit again (i dont know how i just put some more faces or kits). And i want to do the thing by fifamania again but i can't increase fifa fat size there a solution to re increase the size or that's a possibility that you can use just one time?
i appreciate the help because i'm so sick of fifa crashinggg
thanks guys


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have you ever tried to use the function 'Clean FAT' in CM09? It can help you to delete some rubbish in your FAT which can thus increase your space.


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Hi, regularcat, im fuspa from mexico and i need some help about fifa 09 editing, i dont know exactly how many files i can import into the game before the game crashes, but ive heard about some tools that let you increase the seize of the .fat, but i cant find them, ive been looking for some utilities to help me solve this problem. Ive heard about a fifamania tool that lets you increase the seize to 2000 files, also Ive heard of people having to many leagues in their games and running the game properly, I want to have many leagues too, but i need some explanation about .fat seize increasing, i would like to have an answer from your part, thx and here u have my email if you want to help me: [email protected]


arcadeshadow;2734348 said:
Hi everybody,
Can someone write down the unused files that can be deleted from the BIG files?

use the clean fat tool in the options in cm09.

it will automatically remove unneeded files from the big files.