Problem with UniDB


Youth Team
I have a big problem with UniDB. When I want to export the fifa.db, it says "Run Time Error '63': Bad record number". What does this mean? When I export the meta.db or the eng.db it works.

How can I solve this problem?


Life Ban
I have bad news for you, This means one or more players have been deleted from the database but a reference to them is still somewhere in the fifa.db

I had the exact same problem when I deleted some players I had more than once in the fifa.db, this happened when I imported custom .c05 teams, sometimes CC recognises the player but when for example there is a spelling error in the players name he creates it twice.

As I don't like to have double records I deleted the double ones, but here is the trick : If you don't save and reconvert immediately each time you delete a player from the database (and I guess teams also) then you get forementioned error and your fifa.db is unconvertable, I never found how to convert it back to access. I hope you got a backup of a recent fifa.db somewhere...

The correct procedure = delete player in fifa.db with cc, save, export fifa.db to fifa.mdb, you will get an error 692, ignore, open fifa.mdb, in the menu choose database extras, convert fix errors (not sure about the title I have the dutch access), save, reconvert to fifa.db, you will get error 692, ignore, reconvert again to fifa.mdb, error will be gone, finaly save and reconvert to fifa.db again, done. Repeat this for EACH player you delete.