Question about Feeder clubs....


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I'm coaching Portsmouth is there any way of picking what team u want the feeder club to be? instead of letting the front office pick lousy



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It would be unrealistic if say, Manchester United has AC Milan/Everton as their feeder clubs. Feeder clubs would be a division below them or far away.


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I agree Fernandez but the players that come to my team don't want to play for that club....(loan club) for some reason..... :rolleyes: I just hope I get lucky with a club.


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well you've gotta wait 6 months before you can request a new one haha. so just take whatever they give. eventually they get better.


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Ive got Doncaster, Derry City and some Brazilian club called 15 de Novembro, had another with a polish club but i cancelled it coz they were a team of greys and theres no point sending players on loan o a side like that...

Doncaster has been useful tho, ive had Derry, Blake, Howson, Rothery all farmed out there for stints. They get used too which is good.