Question for FIFA 08 owners (PS3)


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What up guys ?

So I finally saved enough dough to purchase HDTV and now I'm about to buy PS3 and I want to know how is FIFA 08 on PS3 ? Now, let's not start PES/WE vs FIFA debate here. I'm a big KONAMI fan and I've always preferred WE/PES over FIFA but from what I'm hearing PES2008 and WE:2008 was a big disappointment. Even the WE/PES fans say and admit it. My last WE game that I played was WE 10 on PS2 and I took a long break from gaming until now. I played FIFA 07 on the 360 and it played & looked fantastic. Can the same be said about FIFA 08 on PS3 ?? What about this new EURO 2008 by EA ? Enlighten me a bit pls, since I've been under the rocks for a year or two now.

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FIFA08 on PS3 runs on a completely new engine to the old fifas and blows PES out of the water...even PES fans are now going to Fifa because of the new gaming engine.

The Fifa08 on Ps2 still runs on the same engine as the old Fifas.

The new engine makes teh game much more realistic...You need to use skill and pass teh ball around alot more to get past your opponents on harder difficulties, also getting the ball off them is also much much harder. Simply touching them using the tackle button no longer works, it only works if the ball carrier is in the right position for you to take the ball of them, otherwise you just end up following them around.


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I have both games for my PS3 and I was a PES fan for years but this FIFA game has converted me. At least until I get my hands on PES 2009, but who knows, FIFA 09 might come up trumps again!


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If it's like it is on xbox 360 which it probably is as they are both next gen then its a great game and is a huge improvement on current gen versions. Like on PS2 its pretty rubbish really but 360 its good.


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I used to be a PES fan but now I play FIFA08 (PS3) and I have to say it is excellent, smooth gameplay, doesn't suffer from the lag that PES does and overall enjoyment and realism is there.

Online is excellent. The leagues are fun and the ease at which you can play almost instantly an online match is great.