R scripts to update your fifa 16 database and to install faces to your game


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i dont have DB master 16, and i couldnt find it to download can someone share it to me plz?
i have CGFS will that work?
srry for my english


I have updated the player.txt updater with new functionality. You can now decide to apply Upgrade only to the players of your DB (update stats that are > than previous value) or Upgrade and Downgrade (default of the previous version of the script).

In addition you can set a year to apply the Upgrade only to players born during and before that year, while players born after that year are updated by applying the Upgrade and Downgrade (ie: you want to update the players of your database but don't want to see old players like Robben going down a bit more every month).

Here is the ling toward the updated package (also available in the opening post):
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Again a small update on the players.txt updater.

I have added two filtering options in addition to the birth year available in the previous version. You can now also apply upgrade Only to players at and above a desired Overall rating or Internal Reputation while players bellow the selected value will be updated using the Upgrade AND Downgrade method.

Here is the link toward the last version of the players.txt updater script package:

The link has also been added to the opening post.

It is likely the last update of this package until a long time.

More package to come in the coming days (a face file installer,...)
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Hey Pap, i have small request for R scripts.
Is posible to create script so we can import original FIFA 16 players celebration into DB we use now?
Infinity patch use also all 19 db stuff (celebrations also) so in game they are not realistic and some of them are ugly cause both games have some different celebrations ID.
Can we somehow export from 16 game and import into our database only celebrations?



That should be doable but it would work only for the players that are in both database. You would have to assign the celebration for the players from fifa infinity patch that are not present in fifa 16 (or any mod you had before) manually or randomly.


I am happy to announce the release of my face installer working with a R script!

With the script you don't have to care about the structure of the face folder you downloaded anymore (sceneassets/ect accepted but not required).

The only restrictions are:
1) you can't have two files with exactly the same name inside the folder (ie: if the facemaker included several hair configuration in its folder you will have to keep only one inside the folder before applying the script).
2) You can't apply the script to a folder that contain face files with several ids (several players inside the folder).


It first read the player id inside the folder then read your DB files to check if the id is used in your DB.
If the ID exist, it returns you the name of the player with that ID in your database.
If the name match what you expected based on the face you want to install, the script will send all the files to the correct folders inside your game folder.
Also if files with the same ID already existed in your game folder, the script will back up those files in a folder named based on the player name and its id which will be located at the place of your choice. In addition, an empty txt file named as follow: team_playerid_playernames.txt will be created to help you keeping track of your face additions and thus easing the verification process of potential game crash caused by the face files (ie:converted face files).

Also if the ID red in the face folder didn't exist in your database or the name returned do not match your expectations, the scripts allows you searching for
the correct ID in your database.
How it works? You will be asked to type the FULL name of the player for which you want to install the face files. The script will return a list of player names with their ID sorted according to a name similarity metric. If the player you was looking for is shown on the list, click on it, and his ID (the ID of the player in your DB ) will be used to rename the files inside the face folder and the files will with the correct ID will be then installed to your game folder like described above (back up if required, and txt file exported).

Here is a link toward the face installer script (also added to the opening post):
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It seems there is a bug in the last version of the players.txt updater, rows are messed up. Please do not use it or you will screw your DB!

Fix coming ASAP!

EDIT: My bad, the package is working fine and the link is up again.
It was an edit I did with another script in WIP (update players ids to match ea ids) that screwed my others db files. Happy I did a back up before applying it.
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Ok, the player.txt updater, since i reworked the code to perform faster, might lead to mixing the row of the players.txt table only in particular situations: if the players.txt table from your database or the one from the squadfile has the playerid column not sorted with increasing IDs.
It is usually not the case hence why I didn't noticed it before, but my ID updater returned me a players.txt table with some playerid (the replaced one) not sorted according to the other IDs leading to a bit of a mess when I applied the players.txt updater on it.

I will release a fixed version tomorrow that will allow avoiding such situations (it will automatically sort the tables in case they are not by default).
Again if you have used the script and your players.txt table is sorted with increasing IDs (the norm) you should not worry.


A short update on the face installer script. When the script read the ID of you player from the face file it now tells you if that player has already face files installed into your game, which gives you the opportunity, if you want to, to check how his current face looks with CM16. You can then click ok to replace the current files by the new one or click cancel to abort if you are happy with previous one.

Here is the link toward the updated version of the Face Installer package:


Also added to the opening post.

In addition I am uploading a short tutorial video.