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Hey rabsy thats a long time ago:confused:

Can you plz send my your 'latest'' kits Im planning to upload tommorow (Its already on our servers)

Keep up the good work (whits i always say)

By Rabster and see ya later mate

Cheers Joey


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@Joey- Sorry mate I haven't really made any new kits recently and won't be posting any more kits on this forum. If I do make any more FIFA kits I'll send them to you mate directly via email- take care mate.

@fifafanv1- Big apologies mate, I don't think I'm going to be able to make these kits. If I do then I'll PM you but I'm not sure whether I will be making any more FIFA kits.


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How about doing the Celtic away kit with Carling on it?

They had it on against Fulham and I must say it looked not bad at all


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Originally posted by Carlos*ie4
and of course surely u must have a crack at doing the new Celtic black kit Rabster

Carlos*ie4, yep I'll be doing all the SPL kits. Unfortunately I don't have alot of time at the minute so progress is very slow- I assure you they will all be done though.