RALE's FIFA 14 Faces


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Riku Riski (Order)


I remember him from Widzew Łódź... Great face. Good job.


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Thank you very much for your amazing work :clap:. Hopefully you can convert the faces of Fifa 20, especially the updates of Bayern Munich of Fifa 19 (example Tiago Alcontara, Coman, Lewandowski, etc.) that nobody converted :bow:


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Hey man, I wonder if you can give it a try to the FIFA 20 to FIFA 14 face conversion. I tried as last year, but all of them crashed my game. It might be me, or the new model of the heads (I hope it is me). Cheers!


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It's a good day my friends! Thanks to @mita996 and others we got the files, and we are gonna be able to convert faces from FIFA 20. It will take a bit more work in blender because of this ridiculous neck and chest area which is bigger than ever, but I'm right on it! ;) All faces converted by me will be posted in new FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16 thread (but I only convert for FIFA 14).

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Okay friends, so I was planning to share regular mediafire links for FIFA 20 to 14 packs, but unfortunately it seems like it's gonna take so much more time to convert than I thought (more work in Blender and PES File Explorer random crashes), so after consulting with some of you I decided to post those packs with my links. I hope you don't mind and that you understand my decision. I plan to convert all faces that we've got from FIFA 20, but it will take so much of my time and energy, and if I can get some from it I prefer it that way, small motivation for me. Thank you!

Packs will be shared here in my thread, in FIFA 20 to 14 Nintendo Switch thread and on Moddingway, so you will be able to find them easy.

First pack:
Sergio Agüero
Kyle Walker
Raheem Sterling
Aymeric Laporte

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