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Starting XI
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  • site with all WE8/PES4 tricks and moves with description and videos ->->
  • Lookin' for patches, tools, news?
    Click HERE to get them!
    List of sites containing kits, boots, balls, stadiums, rosters, music and all the rest of patching stuff.
  • How do I install kits? How to put a ball ingame? BMP to BIN?
    Download Beginners Guide from pesinsight (you may be asked about registering, so do it beacuse it's free and you'll find there most asked questions.

    READ THIS how to do this easier with Graphic Studio - step by step screenshots included

    and here are step by step screenshots how to do this with WEPic Decoder

    PS. You don't need the bins to insert kits/balls into game, so don't ask about them :p Usually people post just bmp what is really enough. If someone posts kit image as GIF or PNG, just open it in graphic program (eg. Irfanview, ACDSee, etc.) and save it as BMP which is supported by all editing tools

  • Having problems with PC game? Look Here - Slowdown fix solutions, if your PES3 or WE7:International PC runs too slow or too fast, read it first and try solutions inside; if it won't help you, probably nothing will help ;) and the only thing you can do is uprgrading your graphics card.
    Average user can play these games smoothly even at GF2MX after using 3D Analyzer and few minor tricks. Read more for details

  • have you got goals, WE/PES movies and you would like to share it with others?
    You can use our uploading space SoccerGaming FTP Corner
  • wanna share your screenshots with others?
    don't waste soccergaming bandwidth and look there -> free image hosting sites list
    For single files up to 119 kb you can still use attachment option. To easy compress/convert your images we suggest you Irfanview, which support over 40 languages and you can compress and rename many your captured screenshots at once.

    ->> PS2 Users:

    [*] WE Games & FlipTops **Playing WE games w/o a modchip**

    [*]Attention : ALL PS2 XPORT USERS!

    [*]How do i apply the winning eleven patch ? - guide

  • NEW PESSERS READ THIS... Before you shout about the bad AI... - why your players stands with their fingers in their arses when you are performing a quick counterattack? Read more and learn how to force them to run wherever you want.

  • Modify Reserved Space - how to do that? - tutorial by Keemo

    Notice it can mess your data_afs so make bacup of it first - or in other words, do not delete your old data_afs after making new one until you'll see the game runs properly.

  • What is the difference between WE7:Int PC and PES3 PC and PS2 versions? read before you ask
    Also check these and these threads.

    Notice that WE7:Int Japaneese version is available for PS2 ONLY and is much improved game comparing to WE7:I PC and WE7:I US PS2 version

  • WE8 Info - WE8 info, differences, screenshots & videos

    [*]WE8 Screenshots & discussion thread

    [*]All Winning Eleven 8 Videos Here (Updated Constantly)

    [*] All Winning Eleven 8 Info So Far (Updated Constantly)

    [*]WE 8 Master League. Discussion + Questions

  • wanna make a gameplay video or record your goals, movies etc.?

    use Taxi or Fraps
    and here is my small review of Taxi by me ;P - comparing to Fraps
    no matter what you use for recording, use virtual dub to compress it well, also you can easy set up desired frame rate and file size

    d/l TAXI
    you'll get big uncompressed .avi file, so you can compress it with:

    and this is how to use Virtual Dub

    or with Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP (notice that Windows Movie Maker 2 is much better so get it from M$ site)
    WMM 2 - English version

    (you can get it in many languages, there is menu with choice)
    Notice that .wmv is very specified format reserved for M$ so you won't be able to open it in Virtual dub then (but there are tools to convert wmv to avi like this: -> STOIK Video Converter 1.1 )

    then upload it to one of many free hosting sites
  • Where can I download WE7/WE8/PES3/PE4 etc. ? - read the rules and know our piracy statement:
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