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What a game!!! I watched every second of it. Congratulations on defending the title. Penalty seemed questionable but didn't matter in the end. Terrific finish on the second goal and good to see Robben get in on the scoring after his injury riddled season.

Thoroughly enjoyed the end of the game.....


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AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Yes sorry I been partying!!!! it was amazing couldnt have been any other way than with a late comeback remontada style and wouldnt you know it! Higuain the man comes thru again, we need to get a hold of this kid and keep him if he can continue improving his finishing he is going to be an allstar!!!!


HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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WOOOO! Congrats guys for winning your 31st! Being a Real fan myself, I hope this trend will continue for a looooong time! :D WOOO! Madridista Siempre! :D

Btw, I hope Inter can follow in your guys' footsteps next weekend! :D Both Inter and Real seemed to have pretty similar seasons! (Y)


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I'm on cloud 9! However, watching the celebrations in La Cibeles and not being able to be there is a great tragedy for me. There are a few things I definately want to do in life and one of them is celebrating in La Cibeles with thousands of passionate Madridistas like myself. It's been a good season. I'm happy with the squad and with Schuster. I think it's a matter of short time till we win the CL again. For now, lets celebrate.:D

P.S - To all the Barca supporters visiting this thread and posting your congrats, thank you! It's been an interesting ride and we were able to endure, persevere and keep focus. You guys always keep us on our toes.


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OV, Paul, Soc, and all other members of the SG Madridista fraternity: Many congratulations ... players like Higuain stepped up for you when consistency came at a premium in la liga ... enjoy your success! hopefully we'll be revamped and back before long, and will do more than keep you on your toes next season! :P

but before all that, there's the small matter of "el clasico 152" ... giving you guys a guard of honour is going to smart like a b!tch ... no wonder Eto'o was keen on getting suspended ...


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I cant express how happy i am!!!! Just watched the game and MY GOD !!!!!!!
What a crazy 1st minute in the second half!!! A send off for Cannavaro and then a disallowed goal (thank god!!) and what a fight back! Unbelievable!
ELEVEN vs NINE PLAYERS and we score 2 GOALS!!!! I Cant believe that AMAZING WIN!!!

The true mark of champions, being able to dig deep and make it count when you need to.

Superb win!! Cant say enough about how happy i am!


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Campeones campeones ole ole ole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam a bit late but yesterday i had to do a late shift at work so i missed the first half, but watched the second on my break at a bar nearby, and bieng the only one der that probabaly supported real madrid i got a few funny looks for screaming out loud with joy when higuain scored but heck i didnt really care though my emotions just took over. another liga lets hope we get that 10 CL next season.

as always HALA MADRID!


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I'm now just waiting for el Clasico, it will be interesting, if Barce can play as they did yesterday. It's just about honor right now, and I hope for a good match.


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congratulations madritistas we are champions and we deserved now only we have to sign diego,huntelaar.mexes and last and not least quaresmaaaaaa plzz quaresma calderon


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goal_machine84;2520942 said:
congratz guys...when you win the title, we win the title :D

Hope we meet in the CL !
yeh me too, when ever we meet u guys we seem to win it.;)

why is everyon hell bent on getting queresma?

anyway calderon has said there will only be about 3 signings this summer which means about 3 leaving and thats probably all we need and rightly so.

a defender,striker and maybe a midfielder i have no idea who they'll be, but it seems like every footballer in the world at the moment.


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Ok since the season is effectively over....this is my list of possibles and signings some of it hopeful some based on rumors but still trying to be as realistic as possible

Dudek (I think he'll ask to leave)
Balboa (hasnt shown anything special to me...good kid, maybe he can go out on loan)

Garay or Caceres (Young CB)
De Rossi or Essien, or any top of the line holding mid, as Gago has more offensive projection
Jaar Huntelaar, or Villa (Proven goalscoring striker who can replace Raul or ruud more often than not
Diego or VdV or any other creation ACM who can replace Guti or Sneijder

In all reality injuries hit us horribly bad this year but with a guy like De La Red coming back we got a guy who can play up and down the midfield and who has been tested against top opposition, so that last signing is not horribly needed. I would like to keep Saviola as he has show he can contribute...I wouldnt spend a boatload of money on a striker because seems like Higuain is starting to come into his own; the only two Positions IMO that need strenghtening are Holding mid and CB because Cannavaro aint what he used to be, and Pepe and Ramos both tend to get a number of cards

edit: I forgot to make one last substraction from the team.....Salgado! He must go, thank you Michel for everything at one point the best RB of La liga bu your time has passed!

also thank you to the nice Barca supported who came and congratulated, thank you and we will see you Wednesday!


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Paul, so you would keep Canna? Also replace Wesley? really, why?

As for here is how I would do it.

Salgado - thanks for everything but this has been long due.
Diarra only if we get a good offer otherwise I would keep him

I would actually keep Balboa as I think he is a useful squad player and he plays on the right wing. As for players in we need a CB and maybe RB (D. Alves anyone?) If Granero comes back next season I don't think a CM is needed but if not than maybe we should get one. A right winger for sure and maybe a striker depeding on who is available.


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Congratulations on the title, I'm glad this season is over. Hopefully we will give you guys a better fight next year!
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