Replacing Crystal Palace kit by U.N.A.M. kit - need help


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-- I already posted this on the How To thread started by regularcat but I figured I might get more active help if I post it here (tpo) --

Hi, I am totally new to modding FIFA first of all.

After hours and hours of reading through all of these posts and experimenting with the editing programs I got the hang of it (a bit, I suppose). I am left with one big question though. Let me explain what I want to do, because the solution might be easier than the explanation I am about to give lol: I want my Crystal Palace KITS (shirts/shorts/maybe embllem?) changed into the U.N.A.M. KITS (shirts/shorts/maybe emblem?) now this is what I have tried:

First I did the export Graphic files through File Master 12, exported a rx3 file for UNAM kits, took the PNG files for shirt/shorts/emblem out and then exported a rx3 file for Crystal Palace and imported the PNG files from UNAM into the file slots of Crystal Palace (I did this for home and away kit of course). Now what I dont understand about the author's third post is what happens after you've saved the rx3 (modified into UNAM)?

regularcat;3315155 said:
Graphic File Editing

Once you have finished importing your textures into the rx3 file you will need to make sure to save the rx3 file before closing rx3 master. < done

Now comes the database editing for our rx3 files. < wtf happened to the rx3 files?

to me, it looks like we totally forgot about the rx3 files here and went on to the explanation about how to implement a 3rd kit but I am obviously missing a crucial step lol...

We need to open database master 12 & load the master database, once loaded we need to
locate the table we need to edit.

We just imported a graphic png into kit rx3 files & we want to create a new slot for a 3rd kit
for a team who does not currently have one.

You need to click on the teamkits table, this table stores data for assigned kit numbers, fonts,
collar type, etc.


kit_48_3_0.rx3 - napoli 3rd kit

We need to correctly fill in data across the row until its completed, the data is pretty much self explanitory, only a few columns of data need to be filled in the rest you can copy from an existing entry.

You have the same 2 options of editing the table here that you had in the main database editing section of this thread.

Without this data our 3rd kit will not show in game for us to select at the kit selection screen.

After you are all said & done make sure you save the db.

It is basically the same process for any other rx3 file we have created that does not have a database entry.

If you need guidance on any other type of rx3/database edit most editors tell you how
& where in their threads.

And after that, I get totally lost cuz Idk what to do with the database files and the editing of tables.

Then after 4 hours I realised: I can just open the fifa_ng_db.db in Database Master 12, go to the teamkits-table and copy the code from UNAM kits to the code for Crystal Palace kits? So I went, copied the entire code except the teamid (figured if I left that thesame the game would think I have two identical copies of a team), saved the database and launched FIFA13, then got a "FIFA13 has stopped working."-error.

Please help!

PS: I regenerated the database, if thats what you call it, so the game runs it from that place instead of the big data.big files? Something I read during author's post:

regularcat;3315153 said:
Tools Needed For Editing FIFA 13

We place the databases we exported from the big files to the paths below.
If the db folder does not exist inside the data folder, you can simply create it.

Master Database - C\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 13\Game\data\db
Language Databases - C\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 13\Game\data\loc

Now that we have all the databases where they need to be we need to open file master 12
once again & this time we will need to regenerate the bh files.

To regenerate the bh files we go to tools/regenerate bh, the left bottom corner will progress
until it says ready, when you see ready the process has finished.

Now the databases will be read by the game via the folders they are located in rather than
the big files we exported them from.