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Yellow Card - Offtopic Posts [24/10/06]
Could anyone make obafemi martins & dejan stankovic faces, please?
Thank you very much! :D



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I knowthey are not in high demand, but could any one make me faces for Iain Hume, Simon Haworth and Ryan Taylor Please. Thank You.



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Hello with all! I am new on this forum, I looked at it and I find it exellent! Therefore, me I thank all those which make live this forum!

Thus veiled, me I would like well that one makes me especially these 2 heads in FIFA2005:

And then this one if you want:

Thank you very much with the facemakers because there does not exist much about it!
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My e-mail is : [email protected]


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can someone do a gary neville and ryan giggs face...sorry dont know how to add pics to this........


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i would like faces for

Mark Gonzalez

David Pizarro

Claudio Maldonado

i looked all over the internet and this was the best photos i could find


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Could someone please make some faces for these three strikers, I looked everywhere and these are the best pictures I could come up with.


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Hakeem or whoever else controls this, If we posted a picture of ourselves does that mean we could put ourselves in the game if someone was really nice and made it for us? that would be brill because I would love to put me and a few mates into the game.



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last season, I made tons of Soccergaming members' faces for FIFA 2004 and they find it enjoyable but this year I think the old facemakers from FIFA 2004 are not here any more, and the new ones are coming to replace them... so it would be hard to find someone to make your face.
And of course don't ask me to, because as you know, I'm not here very often.