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Casanova;2596243 said:
Ahahah nobody will make theese faces, at least all facesmakers make faces for 09

of course, nobody, like always, will get a request from this thread so i ask the reason why it has been opened, but u got reason, editers are trying somthing for fifa09 but i'm afraid that til february we'll see anything cause it is very hard to edit faces for the new game, ciao:)

mati fernandez

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Hey friend.Could someone help me?I need these players face.Could someone do these faces?

Yao Aziawonou

Milan Baros

Serdar Ozkan

Could someone do? PLEASE


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Hey guys!!! Can someone make this face for me please??? Thanks in advance!!!
Use this texture file:
And this 3d model:
Photo of this player:
Help please!! I very ask!!


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could someone please make these faces for fifa 2008 will be happy to pay for work also will send pics please im begging someone to make these faces thanks

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
Lothar Matthäus
Roger Milla
Stuart Pearce
Paul Gascoigne
Dino Zoff
Berti Vogts
Hristo Stoitchkov
Ruud Gullit
Didier Deschamps
Gary Lineker
Tony Adams
Chris Waddle
David Platt
Andy Cole
Gianluca Vialli
Fabrizio Ravanelli


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Has anyone here made David Beckham's face like these.... with scubbles on his face and hairstyle....

Please, help me find one...
Thank you. :)


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Mauro Zarate

Anybody know where I can find Mauro Zarate (Lazio) for FIFA 08? I have tried to make it on my own by combining Arshavin object file and Zarate's image but the result is like Michael Carlos*son on Thriller......