[Request] Since Frosty Editor got updated, please do a Face Tutorial for FIFA20


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I agree

As an old facemaker from the good old World Wide Team, I'd love to get back into Face Making with my old friend krisaju95. Could someone perhaps be nice enough give a written explanation on how to step by step use Frosty Tool to import faces and are we using Blender like the good old days? Or basically how do you export stuff and all the little details as I'm no good at all of this technical stuff lol I just would love to help to create a more authentic FIFA experience for the community and I think was a pretty good 3D Model Face Maker back in the days of FIFA 2015 and krisaju95 was Texture King so good!

The boys are back in town!




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I agree! I jumped from FIFA 16 to FIFA 20, the differance is huge, but the problem is that i can`t do any modification in new FIFA. In FIFA 16 i spend much more time on editing than playing the game. I had all faces and stadium, flags, adboards of my home team, Polish national team as well. Blender is usless now. I think We (kitmakers, facemakers) could even pay for good tutorials how to do this. I can! FIFA without modding is boring:(


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maybe some people don't want make tutorials becouse they make cash from faces;p in older fifas community was more open and united :)

You're probably right. Though I can't imagine them making much money using those ad-filled links in order to download their faces. Now, the guys who use patreon to make mods have managed to make it a good business. Faces on the other hand...


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Hi all,

I saw this topic and can't help myself to write this message.
I decided to make faces for FIFA 20 1 month ago ; started to only edit textures with photoshop and modifying meshes just a little bit with 3DS max.
For now i'm trying to make faces with blender (ver 2.71, 2.79 or 2.8, i just test them all). As i said, i'm "trying". Cause i'm stuck with issues that may look stupid for all the good facemakers here.
The only tutorials i found were for fifa 15 or even previous, with the blender importer/exporter tool and the .rx3 files.

I assume there's nowadays a way to easily work FIFA 20 meshes and textures in blender without this outdated .rx3 tool.
Can someone make a quick tutorial ? In order to help newbies like me and (i'm sure of it) many other peoples who really want to spend times working for others and making them good mods.

Know that I can pay for it, if that could help for getting a positive answer to my request ;)


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I agree with you guys, unfortunately those who know the steps for face-making are not sharing the intel but well it's not like they're obligated to, I just wish they would be more keen to share.

That being said I've been trying to at least get a head model for an hour or so and with Frosty Editor it's actually easier (or so it looks for now)

1. Open Frosty Editor

2. Browse to: Content -> Character -> Player

3. In the Player folder you'll find subfolders such as 'player_0' 'player_1000' etc. Browse through them and you'll find more subfolders identified with the names of the players who have real faces

4. For each of those folders, click on var_0. Inside the file browser below the folder explorer you'll find all the files that build up the head model (textures, normals, etc) those labeled with the file type 'SkinnedMeshAsset' are the actual 3D models.

5. Double click on a SkinnedMeshAsset file labeled 'head' to open the model, and now click on 'Export' to extract the FBX file on your computer, after that it's a regular export, you'll chose the FBX version and the scale units.

As of right now this is as far as I've gone, while I have worked with a decent ammount of 3D models most of them are furniture, I've never worked with high detail models such as these faces. Because of this I would appreciate if anyone could explain the basic tools used in Blender to manipulate the mesh with precision.

@aurion17 I'm excited to see former face-makers return, modding made FIFA 16 a fantastic experience for me with all the different things you could do back in the old engine. I hope you can make a comeback.

If anyone would like to keep in touch understanding face-making or if you have a question which I could help with my discord is davidoneseven#7176

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Sorry, but it's pretty shady that some of you more advanced modders can't share a tutorial of how to make a face, yet you get frustrated when we make face requests. Do you actually think you'll make real money off of making faces for a video game? Someone step up and provide some instructions and lift this unnecessary, trivial veil.