Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


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Fa premier league badge

Anyone have the new premier league logo....cos i dont seem to be able to find any good ones...thanks


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Hello everybody!!! :ewan: I'm just wondering if somebody can help me finding some good templaste? I'm looking specially for a ajusted one! Those kind of puma! If somebody can help me I'll be very thankful! :)


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lol you might want to change the website name to the proper version, I might make it but I've not really been in a kit making mood recently, just playing on other un-fifa games.


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can someone do this minikits? thanx :ewan: pictures {only need to finish the epl kits pack :)}

thanx for minikits i hope to see many mikitmakers works. P.S your name will be incude in the pack :ewan: please the kits are already done :boohoo:


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