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scouser09;3854021 said:
Although I have not seen the kit textures yet, there are no references to external sleeve patches in player.lua.

The textures are the same as last year.


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Looking forward to this, mate. I've not played FIFA, 15 but I still remember RM 14 totally changing the game for me.


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I have decided to abandon the plan for a very quick beta with limited features. Since the lua files are very similar to FIFA 15, I have made good progress adapting all features. My revised plan for the beta is to take a few extra days and release a version with at least 60% of the functionality of RM15 V1.4. The compromise for this is that I will only test a few key features and not update the documentation.

A few observations:
-Replacement kit numbers will be needed again. Also, they now have larger textures.
-Generic faces are different. They are now composed from multiple files for different facial features (e.g. beards, eyebrows) rather than a single file.
-The empty crowd model is still valid so it will be possible to reduce crowd size.
-The cl.ini lines to enable tournament decorations and force non animated adboard still work.

dissectionalone, I have been thinking about the sleeve patch issue and might have found an alternate solution. I will explore this in more detail after releasing the beta version, but things look positive so far.

Gerardo6191;3854340 said:
I hope you can make RM for console version (Xbox 360 and PS3), if you need something just told me.
Thanks in advance

I am still willing to make a Xbox 360/PS3 version, however I require collaboration to do this. I would need someone to extract the lua files for me and to test the mod who has a good knowledge of modding the console version.

Cesc Fabregas

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Simply can't wait to use RM 16 with the full version, looking forward to it :)

I can't think what I would without that great addition :)


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-The empty crowd model is still valid so it will be possible to reduce crowd size.

that's all I need to begin a career .. after that, adboards, flags, banners .. big TY, scouser09 ..


Senior Squad
Revolution Mod 16 Beta

This is an adaptation of RM15 V1.4. Only a small number of features have been tested and confirmed to work. This was to allow a quick release.

VERY IMPORTANT: If using with the full version of FIFA 16, add the following line to general.lua:
This will prevent missing texture errors on kit numbers as only the kit number files included with the demo have been made compatible with this mod. The full set will be patched later. You should not use custom number files when this statement is used.

No statements or naming conventions have changed since RM15 V1.4. Statements and naming conventions may change for the next version of this mod (RM16 V1.0).

Team and player files have not been included in the assignments folder in this version, but will still work.

From Revolution Mod 15

V1.4 Features

-Automatic Crowd Kits (Team Home And Away).
-Automatic Goalposts (Includes Net Support Posts).
-Automatic Substitute Bibs And Tracksuits (Away Team Variant For Generic And Tournament Assignments).
-Global Sleeve Type Replacement.
-Set Crowd LOD (Increase And Decrease).

V1.3 Features

-Automatic Corner Flag Poles
-Automatic Generic (Roof) Adboards
-Automatic Goal Net Support Post
-Automatic Scoreboard Clock Numbers
-Automatic Shorts Model
-Automatic Stadium Team Logo
-Set Crowd Size (Tournament Final, Team Versus League, League Versus League)
-Set Tracksuit Type Of Teams And Leagues

V1.2 Features

-Automatic Corner Flags.
-Automatic GK Gloves And Accessories For Specific Kits (Including Alternate GK Kits).
-Automatic Fan Cards (Tifo).
-Identify Player As GK (Allows Bench GK To Wear GK Kit).
-Identify Which Kits Are Replaced With Custom Kits In FUT (Avoid Clashes When Playing Online).
-Set Crowd Size For Tournaments, Teams And Matches.

V1.1 Features

-Automatic Stadium Seats

V1.0 Features

-All Generic Boots Are Replaced By Specific Boots.
-Assign A Specific Kit (GK And Outfield) To Use For A Specific Match.
-Assign Boots From New Library.
-Assign Custom Assets To FUT Team.
-Assign Different Textures To Static Adboards.
-Assign GK Kit To Outfield Kit (Includes Randomization).
-Assign Sleeve Length, Jersey Tuck, Jersey Fit, Sock Height, Undershirts, Undershorts And Winter Accessories To Players.
-Assign Winter Accessories To All Referees.
-Automatic Accessories (Includes Team Winter Gloves).
-Automatic Adboards (Includes Adboard Randomization).
-Automatic Arena Kits.
-Automatic Balls (Including Winter And Snow Balls).
-Automatic Banners (Home/Away, Tournaments, Specific Opponents).
-Automatic Boots (Includes Boot Randomization).
-Automatic Classic GK Kits.
-Automatic Crowd
-Automatic Faces (Includes Bump File And Randomization).
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic Goal Nets.
-Automatic Individual Kits (Squad Number, Player, Position In Line-Up).
-Automatic Kit Name Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers Sets.
-Automatic Managers.
-Automatic Match Specific Referee Kits.
-Automatic Pitch Colour, Lines, Mow Patterns And Wear Patterns.
-Automatic Scarves.
-Automatic Skin Tones (For Tattoos).
-Automatic Specific GK Kits (For Teams With Generic GK Kits).
-Automatic Stadiums (Texture And Models).
-Automatic Substitute Bibs And Tracksuits.
-Automatic Team GK Pants.
-Automatic Tournament Kits.
-Automatic Tournament Wipes.
-Automatic Training Kits.
-Change Collar, Number And Name Fonts, Name Layout, Jersey Fit And Colours On Kits.
-GK Kit Uses Same Fonts As Outfield Kit (Can Be Disabled).
-Play In Tracksuits Instead Of Kits.
-Referee Kits Assigned To League Tournaments Will Show In Friendly Matches.
-Remove Captain’s Armband, Undershirts, Undershorts, Accessories And GK Gloves When Using Classic Kits.
-Set Which Weather Conditions Winter Clothes Are Used.
-Set Wipe Logos (Trophies Or 3D Tournament Logo).
-Swap A Kit Type For Another.
-Swap Player Accessories.
-Tournament Final Kits, Ball And Adboards.
-Use Graphics Assigned To Tournaments In Friendly Matches And All Matches.
-Use Name And Number Assets Of One Tournament In Another.



Senior Squad
A couple of notes on the beta version:

I added support for FIFA 15 generic face texture files.

It is possible that all features of RM15 V1.4 are working, but this is unlikely. Since I done the adaptation quickly, very little testing has been done. There are no known bugs though.

If you find a bug, please give sufficient information to help me find and fix it. If a statement is not working, please post that statement. If the problem is with an automated assignment, please post the file names. In both cases state what you expect to happen and what actually happens. Posting a screen shot can sometimes be helpful.

I will soon start work on V1.0. Feel free to make suggestions for features. I try to keep a list of requested features, but often forget some, so please repost features suggested in the RM15 thread.

The following features which are repeatedly asked for can not be done.
-Overlays (scoreboards, pop ups).
-Stadium assignment (can not change crowd placement file.

Cesc Fabregas

Senior Squad
Thank you so much scouser, will surely try it out when I have time.

I will think about any things which can be added but it will be hard because you fullfilled every wish I had in the past already :D


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Thank you man! Just one suggestion, the one that I made for 15, too: tracksuits for the fourth official. But this is so minor

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I have no words yo describe how badly this mod improve the FIFA experience, muy respects to you scouser.

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