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friends, please send me the lion logo file for the scoreboard epl. thank you!!!
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Sorry, it's the end of the year and there's a lot of work to do, so I don't have much time.
Today I made some small attempts, the logo of the scoreboard and the logo of the menu do not affect each other, maybe we can have a more realistic Scoreboard of la Liga league in the future.



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Since some files are loaded at the start of the game and cannot be changed during the game, to get the perfect effect with CGFS, you need to manually copy some files before the game starts, but fortunately when you close the game, the manual changes will be automatically restored.
If you don't copy it manually, it won't affect the game, except that it will look less perfect in some areas, such as this


which I will explain in detail when the scoreboard is published. thank you.
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the 64x64 folder works but only for logos in the scoreboard for other pop-up they are still the default folder logos
If logos is controlled by an overlay file, we need to modify the corresponding overlay file, but if logos is controlled by an overlaycomponents file,We just need to change the path of overlaycomponents_9 separately.
some overlays correspond to overlaycomponents_6, so we need to change the path of 6 as well.Such as overlay_9073.


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After @RHZhang released his scoreboards for most of the german tournaments in Fifa, I have another scoreboard that might be interesting for some of you. It's the scoreboard for the german 3. Liga. I used his DFB Pokal scoreboard as a base and just swapped a few textures and text colors. Hope you enjoy it and also a huge THANK YOU to RHZH for his awesome work and help in the first place.

Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/cnesmp

But that's not all, the pack also includes updates for all german scoreboards RHZH has released in the last few weeks because I've updated some textures here and there and fixed text position issues like when you reach extra time. The 100th minute digit wasn't aligned with the rest for example.
Speaking of extra time, you will also find scoreboards for both relegations (Bundesliga vs. 2. Bundesliga + 2. Bundesliga vs. 3. Liga), TV logos of german TV stations based on @Diatera's work (I've included his DAZN logo and made it a bit transparent!) and also wipes for all those tournaments. I know that those wipes aren't perfect, but they are the closest thing we can have right now in the game to the real deal on TV.

That's all :D Have fun with it, Happy Easter to all of you and please, please, please NO REQUESTS. I'm really allergic to that stuff.
I've installed these scoreboards and I have 2. Bundesliga logos in 1. Bundesliga scoreboard. How can I fix it?