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Yeah, that would be very helpful :) If I compare your scoreboards with the ones Nikola released in the last years I see that you use a few overlaycomponents more than him (_24 to _107.big).

Are there vanilla files for those big files, cause during a career the game / CG Server 16 still uses a few big files after a Champions League match for example cause the scoreboard for the league I play after it doesn't have the mentioned big files (_24 to _107.big) to overwrite them.
The overlayconents for the template I used include the ones he used, but the numbering is different because the previous template changed the path. You can use CGFE to open overlays files with the same number as mine and see the pattern.
Sorry for my English.


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hey man can you work on this premier league scoreboard its for nbcsn and im american so i would really like for someone to work on this if you can thanks in advance


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This is what I know so far about modifying HEX to make a scoreboard, hopefully helpful for those who are interested. But there are some notes in it which I used in Chinese, so you may need to translate it by yourself.


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Nothing has changed :(
if you want serie a pop ups and scoreboard, you have to download and install in your data. cause it's gobalcomponents9, it will appear in all other games and competition. only bundesliga and premier league have their own.