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Manchester City 19/20 Home (Note that I am aware of the inaccuracies of the color on the kit number. I could not get the program to render the purple and blue correctly, so just imagine purple numbers and name):


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hi mate , in juventus kit for me the numbers on the shirt and short are black how i can put them in white?
thanks and sorry for my english
Use the RDBM program and in "teamkits" (the id is 45) modify the color tables with 220

Are you italian?


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Riesscar, I think Juventus home and goalkeeper textures are missing from individual download, they only exist in the fb mod.


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It’s actually the column ‘teamtechid’. The ‘ID’ column is the kit ID, rather than the team ID

thanks but in teamtechid there are 4 45 are them goalie first second and third kit ? in this order, or in the same order that is shown on frosty editor? in the next column there are 0,1,2,3, for the 4 45 0 is the line of first kit?
thanks and sorry for my bad english
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1. the numbers, for the kit and the short (jersey and shorts) can be changed in the database as RGB ...
this sounds more complicated than it is, considering the 3 basic principles:

a) There is always a primary, a secondary and a tertiary area of a number and each of these colors in RGB

jerseynumbercolorprimr 255
jerseynumbercolorprimg 255
jerseynumbercolorprimb 255

now the color white would be for the main part of the number (primary)

jerseynumbercolorsecr 255
jerseynumbercolorsecg 255
jerseynumbercolorsecb 255

Now it would also be white for the edge (secondary), basically you would not see any, because the same color!

jerseynumbercolorterr 0
jerseynumbercolorterg 0
jerseynumbercolorterb 0

would now be the logo of the club on the number (tertiary), in this case black

the same principle then with the shortnumbers