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Thanks for the kind sentiment. Everyone is fine, but it bent the steel frame of my kids trampoline like it was crushing a tin can! Kind of humbling to see that kind of power from old Mother Nature ;)

riesscar Can you help me make the ball? I tried using a model file of the ball for pes and exporting it as a mesh but when I bring it into the game it doesn't show up (It's invisible). When I put it in FIFA Editor and it shows like this, when I enter the game the ball becomes invisible.



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Riesscar how can i add only teamkits + minikits on top of other patch i have it, to replace only kits? I have a brazilian community patch, but they added all the brazilian league teams and updated kits. However they do not update other leagues teams, and when i place AIO in mod manager with higher priority, brazilian players get back to default generic fifa 21 players. What can i do to only replace kits of the brazilian patch with yours? Like i said before they just dont update other leagues teams kits, thats why i want your mod to replace itr, cause other leagues team kits are just the default ones from fifa 21.


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Thanks :)

Well, India turned down participation in the WC once in 1950 due to financial issues. Travel from India to Brazil was unaffordable then. These days, they don't qualify for the WC.

For the ISL kits, here is the link to the kits for 2020-21 season:

It will be great if you can help out. Will add credits if or when I publish the ISL mod.
do u make ISL patches for fifa 14