Right Midfielder needed


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bigp said:
Mauro Esposito

Awesome!! But a bit expensive...

Onkodor is crap, don't go for him. I would get Cesar Delgado, he'll cost around 2-3m, a versitile midfielder.

Nah, Odonkor is very good, he just need some playing time and regularly and you'll see that he is a great player.


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Aiden McGeady for 2.1 mill british money from celtic

His value rose to 5.75 mill british money when i brought him to villareal. consistent performer and won't have many off-days


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Cristiano Ronaldo - easily the best right winger in the game (average rating of nearly 9 - consistently over a few seasons) if money is no object to you

Shaun Wright-Phillips aint bad either (av rating of nearly 8.5 for me), but again can be very expensive

For the Championship, I used Tom Geißler, he was making an enormous amount of assists for me, and he would prolly only cost you £2m....


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RuiCosta_10 said:
Awesome!! But a bit expensive...

Esposito cost me £8mill in first season, then went on to become player of the year etc...


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Bastien Schweinsteiger. After he gets the feel of the league and the team he is just tremendous; he'll also get his fair share of goals from the right side too.