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Unfortunately I don't make kits for FIFA 20. I'm sorry but I don't know how to convert them. There is nothing I can do to help.


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I don't know how you can still make such beautiful works, mate!

I couldn't play FIFA today after our result. :(


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Unfortunately. Our team showed once again that they cannot bear the pressure.
Lewandowski was alone upfront all tournament. Our best action was Zieliński long pass for Robert's first goal vs Sweden. We badly missed Piątek & Milik.
Heads up. This time you have to admit that the players really tried hard and gave blood, sweat and tears. A certain concept is born, a certain project - this may be the end of the EURO for us, but it's just the beginning of another road - the transformation of the team, the approach, and also us.

A bit of an essay, but whatever.


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