robmar85's National Teams Kits


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I don't remember exactly, but Catalonia seems to have too complicated kits


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Very good job man! Do you have this GK model for fifa 22? I think Sweden use it, I supose new Sweden kits are not released yet, thanks!

These are the original files from FIFA 22:



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Unfortunately, I do not have it. I have such random ones.

If you need more photos, @Skoczek & I can find.
They have unique font that I wonder if @makispla2017 can make name font & numbers for?


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These are the original files from FIFA 22:

Thanks a lot! The original files from fifa 22? And why I have a different version in fifa 22 tool editor?


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I don't have fifa 22. I downloaded the files somewhere from the forum. Some time ago someone shared all the kits from FIFA 22. I think this set is from Dinamo Zagreb. I removed the sponsors, corrected the bumps. That's it.