Romanian League Create Help!


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Hello!I have a question!I make Romanian League(I replaced the Danish league) but I don't know how to change in the Competition section at 4 characters name in ROMA and I make 26 legs in CG FIle Explorer but in game I have only 23!How to create a league in CG File Explorer without error?(With PlayOff/PlayOut)Please Help Me!
This league have 14 teams with 6 PlayOff position and 8 PlayOut position
http://<a href=""><img src="" alt="Screenshot_381_LI" border="0"></a>


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I support you, i hope someone replies to this with a solution!
From which editing team are you?


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I tried to do playoffs for Romanian league also but I do not think the calendar supports this kind of format, it crashes.
Only solution could be a classic calendar.
Nafer added the Romanian league to FIP, wouldn't hurt to ask him.
Anyway, to play with our league in fifa, I could overlook a different calendar.