Ronaldoo17`s Face Thread :D


Senior Squad
1. Not bad, just make lighter under hair, and make his noseholes.
2. Not good colour. Work more with his colour.

Just practice. For first work it's good (Y)
Later take ingame or take into a model.


Reserve Team
Krajcso;2972656 said:
Good. But his mouth is not good.
Update For Evra

And my new face John Terry

Hope you like it :)

And please take ingame screens for me :)

aLexBN;2972660 said:
For me looks pretty good all textures, can you make a tutorial please?
Ok I will make maybe next week or tommorow soon as I can :)


Reserve Team
Farkam;2972676 said:
Are you using WARP tool for matching photos with EA's texture??
No I just try with brightness/contrast;Hue/Saturation;Color Balance>Like you are doing in your tutorial :)