RORSCHACH - Brazilian Kits


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Vc pode fazer os uniformes dos 4 times q foram p/ 1a divisão?

Regcat, I was going to ask you to upload your DB with the 4 new teams, but I forgot I already made a crap load of edits to mine, and I don't feel like losing those edits.


Youth Team
Hi mate I'm new here, I'm brazilian too. I would like to start in kits edition too and would like for some adivices, tutorial, links... if I'm not asking too much!
The most amazing thing I've found in CM 12 is that you can alocate multiple variations of the kits this way the kits would NEVER match (like in real life).
Asking a more thing: Could you make the Guarani's (team that I support) kits?
More especificly the 3rd one:


Ok dudes... i´ll try to make the requests..


Conilon F.C. (de Jaguaré):



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Amigo Rorschach, could you please upload the second logos of clubs? it is desirable that they came for FIFA 11.