Roy Keane Leaves Man Utd [R]


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Roy Keane has had his contract terminated by mutal consent, taking place immediatly.


Man Utd now have a midfield which cannot tackle.


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I swear, if I see any Man Utd fan say something negative about him, I will fly over to your house and bash you.


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Stunning to say the least.

Footballing wise it doesn't really matter, because as much as I love Roy Keane, he wasn't up for it anymore anyway. It is a bit of a sad way for a legend to leave a club, but then again, we're talking about Roy Keane here, nothing with him ever is normal...


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"As for Roy, I can see him joining a club not far from Old Trafford rather than Celtic."
Are you hinting something? like Manchester City? (6)

Seán D

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Keano is a legend. Sad to see him go like this, and he won't get a testimonial :(

12 great years, our most inspirational player over the last decade. Man U should retire the number 16 shirt! I guess Gary Neville is now captain.

Theres only one Keano - Legend :Bow:


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Seán Denny said:
Man U should retire the number 16 shirt!

I can't believe this, to be honest. I knew it was coming, but it just hits a lot harder when it happens like this.



It was a surprise, I didn't think it would happen till January either, hes also up for grabs now though seeing as Free Agents don't count as transfers. :ewan:


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thanks keano for everything he have done for united. he is absolutely the legend for us. we gonna miss him and we always do. thanks you keano, the legendary 16


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I didn't think a player could just leave like that, with having a contract and all. And sad it is, I'm no man u fan, but Keane is, or maybe I shall say were, the very symbol of the united team. without him the team may even fall further down the hill.