Rui Costa retires


Starting XI
Thank you!

I f*cking love you Rui! I really do!


Senior Squad
Thank you so much Rui for everything!

What can I say? A player that'll go down in history as one of the best Benfica players ever and of the best of his time.

A comment for his great character and the great person he is. Very few players can be compared to him in terms of talent but even fewer in terms of character. Nowdays I don't see anyone like him in modern football.

And also all the luck for this new step in his life, hoping he'll continue to have all the success he has had as a player, and now as football director in Benfica, his home.

Again, thank you Rui!


Fan Favourite
Respect. One of the best Portuguese footballers ever. I will never forget the Portugal NT with Figo and Rui Costa in Euro 2000.
thanks il maestro.. what an amazing career, I still remember watching him play when he was still just a good prospect at Benfica, then on to Italy and back. Great moments with the NT too.


Fan Favourite
Has always been one of my favorites, shame to see him retire, but when it's time to go, it's time to go. Absolute legend, thanks for everything you've done for the sport.


Youth Team
He'll still be very much involved in the game thought won't he. Taken a position as Sporting Director with SLB.