Ruud United Exit Imminent ?


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I was shocked when I read that this morning. If it went down like that Ruud really needs to get his head screwed on properly, because being so crass around a teammate is pretty disgusting


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I don't believe this. I think that's not Ruud's nature.
English 'press' has too much fantasy.


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That's disgusting... what a prick. I knew he could burst out, it also happened at the Dutch NT between him and Advocaat, but this.... The dude got issues.


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mnj2x said:
man that sounds like a story taken from an enid blyton storybook...

I am not believing anythin unless its from a credible source

The source is usually rock solid, which is unfortunate in this case.

van Nistelrooy is a massive c*nt for that.


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United...very very united after hearing that. Ruud is the biggest retard if thats true man, you dont say shiat like that.


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If RVN really said that, he has to go.... and he should go being treated with no respect... and for once, I'll applaud the way SAF is handling the situation..

it doesn't matter what he's done for the club, how good he is, how vital he is .... if you do not have common human decency... you get no respect... and not wanted


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Andrejs said:
Well thats a good argument for Fergie.

I got few against him :)
Droping out of the group stage of CL, using 451 for the most of the season, disrespecting the fans and the players, supporting the Glazer take-over, thinking that we have good enough players to replace Keane, putting himself above the club, incompetence in the transfer market, unable to forget and forgive...
Don't know about you, but i will take having more points that in other title winning seasons over anything you mentioned there. Would you rather have someone playing 4-3-3, not being very smart in trasnfer market and having **** midfield over having a really high amount of points at the end of the season? Think not.

Supporting the Glazer, he has no choice, it's his position on the line. Disrespecting players, that's really i don't know where you got it from, if anything Fergie protects his players better than anything and he is able to forget and forgive, there are just somethings that can't be changed or corrected. If Fergie was forgeting everything to the players, then we would have another Madrid. And if he was disrespecting them, then nobody would have played for him for so many years, yet they do and are happy about it. It's not like Mourinho and Rijkard keep everyone happy. Mourinho even sometimes publicly attacks his players, Fergie NEVER does.

Again about this issue, we can't judge anyone, because we don't know what really happened. First everyone was saying what a **** Fergie is, now everyone is attacking Ruud after that Ronaldo story. We don't know what really happened, so we can't judge anyone, without having a primary source.


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heh found this on another forum



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Why are you all so naive about this? So what if Ruud said stuff about fathers to Ronaldo? Do you really think it's all love and happiness in a pro football team? Of course Ruud was out of line, but things like that happen, big deal. Ronaldo is Quirarse's little baby-boy. Ronaldo has no efficiency in his game whatsoever, so Ruud says something about it and goes too far, fine him, deal with it, you don't send him home, humiliating him.

From the moment Ruud was dropped before that Carling Cup final he has been in and out of the team, never ever has he talked about it in the press, he was completely professional about it. Now, before the final game of the season SAF tells him he won't need him this season, not even for Roy Keane's testimonial, that must have left Ruud completely livid. I'd leave as well.

Fact is that SAF is a **** who should've been replaced ages ago. When the team doesn't function (no prizes in ages, early CL exits etc, etc) who's fault is that? A strikers' fault who is out of form and not feeling happy, but still scored 20+ goals, or is it a managers fault who has failed in the transfer market for years, has a record of not being able to deal with press and 'big' players, sold the club to friends, got in a fight with them over a horse who then sold it to some americans and uses his son in dubious transfer deals?

Ruud was out of line, sure, he was wrong, but SAF is just about the most unloyal **** I've ever witnessed. ManUtd owe him for all the success in the 90's, but after that SAF has got nothing speaking for him.

I hope everything can be resolved between Ruud and SAF so that we can see Ruud next year wearing a Utd shirt, but I doubt it.


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excellent post. Sometimes I think people expect pro teams to have players eating dinner at each other's parents house after practice every day


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mhflierman said:
Fact is that SAF is a **** who should've been replaced ages ago. When the team doesn't function (no prizes in ages, early CL exits etc, etc)

to be fair there hasnt been that many years we havent won some thing i think its 3 at the mosr which is hardly crap since some teams go years and years without ever winning anything. i mean since the turn of the century we've won

fa cup
league cup
league twice

its hardly **** 4 trophies in 6 years plus fa cup and league finalists another 2 times ok we lost them but still got to the finals. yes we've under performed in europe but domestically things are still going great