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David Luiz Preview

Have fun :D


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Mate, don't wanna be a bother, but could you go faster with the Chelsea update?, waiting on you to start a career

Haha your like me.....wants it all to be perfect ie correct teams faces and stuff before making that commitment.....So far i have it so i can be Arsene Wenger at Arsenal have correct teams just need better faces.......At least there is a Giroud face for you done :P


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its nice to see these images of faces youve made but nicer to get the faces ourselves :P when you gonna release some of these faces to us like all the face threads its just pictures of faces they are making for ages then nothing comes then a new face is shown they have started working on.....?

Abdulai Adekunle

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Hey FBCrest could you do a face mod update for these following players?
Dani ceballos of real madrid
Lucas Vazquez
Emre mor
Denis suarez
Dembele of Barcelona.