School Project - Short Movie


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My first impression was: gee great more teen porn like i didnt have enough on my computer already hearing that music and crappy acting sort of brought me to that thought.

I dont know what the deal was with media player but every three seconds I had to press play again. So again I dont get it one minute those two are at a themepark, next minute they are knocking at a door and terrorist opens the door? wheres the plot? sequence? whatever - totally lost on this - I know you probably didnt have a budget but geez how many are at your school?.


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Full marks for the effort but it's crap.
A trailer should be clips to capture the main essence of the movie, showing the best bits in quick bursts not dragging like this thing...sorry.

Btw, love the pop-ups!:kader:


sorry, im not sure if this is an old thread... i just saw it so am posting and cbf looking at the date...

nice attempt... what grade did u get for it and what yr level are u in?