Scissorhands Logos pack


Youth Team
Just sent Honduras Liga Nacional logos for upload, might come tomorrow online.

wwwescape, yes, I got your PM, unfortunately, most Indian are wrong (those are the one made by But don't worry, I'm still on the Indian to get all their official logos ;)

Don TM

Youth Team
Can you re release your league banners?
I can't find them on, also the megapack isn't available.
Please! :)

Oh and as some kind of idea, if your interested in doing more logos. Hungary has some interesting teams. Or maybe Portugese Liga Vitalis? :)

Don TM

Youth Team
Thanks for the Info, but i didn't found the ones i wanted.

I tought you did Swiss Axpo Superleague, Estonian Meistriiliga and Finnish Veikkhausliga but i could not find them. Thanks anyway. :)

Don TM

Youth Team
Thanks a lot for your effort guys!
But what i wanted was just the league banners like this one:

Maybe we didn't understood each other :)

Btw, did you made the two new teams from Coca Cola League two?

Waiting for more great stuff :)


Club Supporter
hey dude, can u pls post finland in-game and menu logo (which is shown below) for FIFA 09 a.s.a.p.?
i'd appreciate a quick response... :)