Scoreboard Bundesliga 21/22 TO FIFA 14 PC


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hello, I'm new to the community, and I want to present my work... I want to join to carry out collaborations with other modders, now I find myself creating scoreboards, I have created the FIFA 22, MX League, NOS League, NOS Cup, and me I found the Bundesliga working... les dejar is a capture of how I wanted to help me to color and finalize details, since the hardest thing was to adjust according to how it is designed.

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First we need to know which version of scoreboard you have edited, because the offsets are different for each of the overlay files!!!

Carlos Teheran

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The SCOREBOARD Of The Portugal League (Liga Bwin 22/23) Is Already Created Here I leave the video for you to check It's Made By Bye TECLA Excellent SCOREBOARD


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how to implement scoreboard ??
I copy and pasted and replace it and then regenerate it with filemaster ,but nothing happens.