Scoreboards and Popups by FifaMan017


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amazing mate!!! thank you very very much! could you please help me with the problems I face? you know, the ones I mentioned to you via PMs...


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FifaMan017;3391489 said:
add link in the first post. Please,who have display resolution 16:9, tell me what I must change)))

Once again, great job!

Here some things i have noticed while playing in resolution 1920x1080 (full-HD).

At the Intro some popups are placed a bit too right:

All bottom popups are a bit too right placed, here some examples:

That's all i have notices so far, other popups are good, the scoreboard and tv-logo are at the right position... but is it possible too switch them like it is displayed on TV? least i have to say the scoreboard is already good playable in full HD! :)


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I have some bug with the champions league popups...
when I score a goal there is some strings that always shows up "0000XFXX"
can u fix that?


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The positions are fine now, but you definitively have to chose a different red for your popups. Together with the red in the scoreboard it looks, sorry, terrible^^

And in some popups, informations aren't on the right place I think, but I do not have pics.


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would you make it please