Scoreboards by DoMiNaToR


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dominat0r;3406033 said:
Of course it's not problem for me. I'll try import them on my own when I have time though.
Man I have 3 sets of completed textures ready to go (World Cup Qualifying, Euro 2016, and Confed Cup/Secondary World Cup sb). All I need is someone to fix the offsets so they can be used in my RTWC patch. If you or anyone else can help then please let me know. Evolution is doing the main World Cup scoreboard but he doesn't have time to do the rest.



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dom can u make scoreboard and popup like pes??
caus i dont know how to convert png to big file..
what tool to support it?
how to make a scoreboard tool?



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what tools u use to editing and convert Big file..
im so tired whent i use FLH eding scoreboard its not work for me,,
i wanna try to make some scoreboard


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darxxx;3406995 said:
Looks real nice:)

Dear Darxxx,

Congratulations for your team's proceeding into the Round of 32 of EUROPA LEAGUE !
Undoubtfully, a historic day for NK Maribor.
I've been fan of all former Yugoslavian athletic clubs since I was a kid ...


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This thread has helped me understand better how to do score boards, thanks all
but does anyone have something for pop-ups?

like possession, shots etc.?