Scottish Football Overhall (WIP)


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So I've been working for a while on this, I want Scottish football in FIFA, and I really don't trust EA to even put the championship in for FIFA 15 (cutting out two thirds of the Player base in Scotland)

Here is the plan.

All Four Tiers of the SPFL (with Promotion and Relegation, and Playoffs)

SPFL Premiership
SPFL Championship
SPFL League 1
SPFL League 2
(All teams with their real world players/kits/etc)

Scottish Cup (played between all 4 leagues)
League Cup (played between all 4 leagues)
Challenge Cup (played between lower 3 leagues)

So How far have I got...

SPFL Premiership (In Game, had to remove the split because reasons)
SPFL Championship (Created using the Australian League)

Basic 1 up-1 down promotion/relegation is working between them.

*Had to remove the split as it was causing massive problems relegating the premiership team to the championship, although I'm trying to work out how to make it work

Next Steps...

To get the Premiership playoffs working. Once I have these functioning , it will be easy enough to replicate this for League 1&2.

After this I will concentrate on getting the Scottish cup to work with all leagues, and then adding in the league cup and Challenge Cup.

*I will most likely sacrifice some south American leagues and competitions for that

After all the structure is done, I will get all the SPFL Branding in and start working on the Scottish teams

Any help or suggestions are welcomed.



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Ill be more than happy to help, ive sent u a pm.
The stadiums i have done so far feel free to include them

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I made 14/15 Adboard Pack for SPL including bonus Hamilton and Dundee FC with premiership adboards and Hearts, hibs and Rangers with correct Championship adboards. All the adboards were modeled from their real ones so are pretty accurate. Feel free to use them if they're of use to you and good luck!


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Update 1

I've been looking into adding leagues rather than stealing the id's of the south American ones, I ran into so many fatal errors doing that which I didn't when cannibalizing other leagues...however it would be so much easier if I could create new ones.
(if anyone knows how to do this successfully, id love to hear from you)

Right Now I have these elements working.

League 1
League 2

All with promotion and relegation.
and basic playoffs so second last v second...which all works.

its first and second round of the playoffs that are causing problems, but im gradually fixing the little mistakes to get them there.

I took a break for a couple of days too do a bit of artworking, so got the league badges all photoshopped into the right sized png's. Then I sat down and worked out a full schedule for the entire season in all leagues and cups to make sure no dates clash in the system.

Once ive got all the structure ready, so all the league and cup stuff working properly I will probably be looking for people to test it as much as they getting fired, moving teams, transfer...just everything to make sure there are no little problems. Then I will move on to adding all the teams


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anders211;3717799 said:
Why do You need in fifa those leagues

Why not???
I'm Scottish and id love to have the full Scottish setup. I like Scottish football and every fifa i own i never play using any other leagues unless i move during the career mode. Not everybody likes the EPL or la liga etc...
Id much rather have the full Scottish setup and i am looking forward to the release of the patch.


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Dear Shawminator,

Please keep on your wonderful work and there is no need for apologies.
FIFA Game is just for fun and joy.
After all, it is not only your wish to have a full Scottish setup, since I'm pretty sure that many of us love to watch Scottish football and often get informed about its progress...

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anders211;3717799 said:
Why do You need in fifa those leagues

Actually that's a stupid statement, having those leagues would be far more beneficial then say the saudi league which basically goes nowhere, at least with these leagues you can aspire to reach the Europa or even champs league and there will be progression through the various levels of the scottish football leagues which is very satisfying.


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In my opinion, for Career Mode purposes, the weaker the better, its more fun to start in League Two than EPL, it would be great if we have more lower leagues to Spain, Italy, France and Germany.


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It would be great -I think- if we had more lower leagues belonging to other countries, not only the existed ones (such as ENG, GER, ESP, FRA, ITA etc.)...


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Update 2

So here we are.

First off lets have a look at the team

Hibbymikey -Competition Structure/Artwork/teams/kits/players etc

Shawminator -Working on His amazing Stadiums/Helping Hibbymikey deal with his anger issues when the playoffs wont work properly.

Scottish_Carson -Working on Scottish Kits, check his thread they are epic.

Progress Report.

Whats Working?

All Four Leagues now work and have promotion and relegation, including Playoffs which work like the real life ones.

(I stuck with sacrificing other leagues, saves a lot of work and frustration)
Leagues that have been chopped


Shawminator saved the split, The split is back in the premiership and functions fine with the playoffs :D

Whats happening Next.

I will be tackling the Scottish Cup/League Cup.

-Scottish cup needs to be extended for all 42 Teams
-League Cup Needs to be created

Another update, and a little bit of video to show you whats been going on soon ;)


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Because we don't have the Scottish non-league sides, will the format for the Scottish Cup and League cup not just end up being the same? 42 teams, knock out?


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They both use the 42 teams but I worked them differently, so the Scottish cup has one extra round and premiership teams jump in later, just to make the cups feel a little bit different from each other


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Hello, I'd like to say thank you for undertaking this project! I hope it'd all work out ok.

About the SFA Cup, I remember a few years back, chuckinho created 2 extra non-league teams just for this purpose so we had a total of 44 teams and it all worked well. These were Buckie Thistle and Deveronvale. Maybe you could do something like that?

Anyhow, looking forward to the patch!


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So time for another update...

What's done?

All four leagues
-with promotion/relegation

All 3 domestic trophies
-League cup
-Scottish cup
-Challenge cup

Full Schedule to account for european games.

Now for some pictures