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I rotate my squad. Bouma usually gets about 20 games a season. He's a good player, but way overrated IMO. In any of the positions in which he plays there are better players. He would not make my 'best eleven' that's for sure.


Starting XI
bugger i forgot to take a screen shot but Australia beat the USA 7-0 in the 2005 confed cup group match, Kewell netting 3, Viduka 2, Elrich 1 & Neill 1.

besides that i have been thrashing fellow oceanian sides 6-0 plus scorelines :p


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haha, nice screenie :D good to see some people still play the game, although it does say "sacked" if you put yourself in control of England, i hope you didnt do that now :D



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3 lovely young'ns from CM 00-01.

They had to be bought. Jay Lucas didn't get a work permit :(

He's not a regen, is he? I remember him in 01-02.

Shame I've got David May in defence, really. Collymore's kicking off in Spain, too. Good times...


That Nice Guy
Shindig said:
Shame I've got David May in defence, really. Collymore's kicking off in Spain, too. Good times...

haha, id love to put that uin my sig, but so many people wouldnt get it :(:(

good screenies Shindig, Fenwick looks to be a classic CM0102 rising star :D :D



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If he takes Jardel's scoring record, I'll be more than happy.

Jardel's league record is 42. As of the 5th of November, Allback had 16. So, by careful estimation, he's on course for 46. He's also got 5 MoM's, compared with Jardel's record of 13.

Average ratings is pretty class. Jardel - 8.60 from 30 appearances. Allback's is 9.22 from 9.

My money's on him to eclipse Jardel's 55 if we progress in Europe. We're currently second in our CL group (Rangers, Inter and Dortmund... eek) and are garanteed the third spot, due to Rangers being crap. Jardel could never power us past the second round of the UEFA Cup. That night, Allback outclassed him for Herenveen.

This season, Allback has 26 goals in total, after 17 appearances. Jardel has 4 from 11. Juan Veron is outscoring him, this season.

On top of all this, Marcus thinks the world of me. And the Portuguese press are giving him the goal machine message. Something Jardel never got for me. Maybe because everybody expected him to score.


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9   Allbäck, Marcus            54 (1)   61     0      0        10     0      0      17     8.42

Better than Mario :cool:

Although we lost the title to Benfica, on head-to-heads. Retained the Cup so we've at least got a UEFA Cup spot, if UEFA don't change the coefficients.

Mario walked away with the CL with Roma. Allback netted 12 in Europe.


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He won the CL with Roma. Netted 21 goals. Anyway, we've got Dani. If we're to do better than last year in the CL, we've got to get through the qualifiers.

2nd Round, Dinamo Tiblisi. After that, Bordeaux. Thanks, UEFA. Everybody's knackered.


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It took a while, but Slough's 2nd and 3rd trophies are in the cabinet. Our first European adventure, too. We pipped David O'Leary's Wigan to the title.


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god damn amazing promotion record that, only on pre-CM4 games :D

So who are the best players on the game then in 2010, so we can all reminiss (massive spelling mistake i know)


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Well, Milan have Gremio's Bruno. A regen, sadly, but worth £24m. Pretty much the Kaka equivalent. The real Kaka being back in Brazil after a few years with Olympiakos.

Joe Cole and Alessandro Nesta are both draining Inter of £100k a week.

Neils Oude Kamphuis is a Gallatico after big money moves to PSV (£13.75m), Celtic (£16.25m) and then his move to Madrid (£11.5m).

Rio Ferdinand made £40m off 3 transfers. His biggest being a 'Where did they get that much' move to Porto for £20m. He went to Rangers for half that and currently resides in Roma.

Recber Rustu has 133 caps to his name. At 37, he's still playing for Fenerbahce. Crespo leads the records for international goals. 77 to his name.

Javier Saviola is the world's most expensive player at £43m. He went to Milan in 2005. Eclipsing Pat Vieira's move to Inter (£42m) a year previously. Vieira previously moved to Barcelona for £34m. Joe Cole's move to Inter cost them £38m.

England squad..

 England - Sunday 17th October 2010


No  Name                       Position(s)  Nat  Born      Age  Caps Gls  Wages     Expires   Value
-   Barry, Gareth              D LC         ENG  23.2.81   29   16   3    £19K      13.6.15   £3.6M     
-   Berry, Shaun               F RLC        ENG  15.9.80   30   -    -    £10.75K   23.5.13   £3.1M     
-   Bowyer, Lee                M RC         ENG  3.1.77    33   45   6    £80K      27.6.11   £2.8M     
-   Bramble, Titus             SW/D C       ENG  6.7.81    29   5    -    £16K      12.6.12   £3.5M     
-   Branch, Michael            F RC         ENG  18.10.78  31   -    -    £42K      8.6.12    £2.5M     
-   Bridges, Michael           S C          ENG  5.8.78    32   22   2    £75K      24.6.11   £2.9M     
-   Brown, Wes                 D RC         ENG  13.10.79  31   72   2    £80K      22.6.14   £8.25M    
-   Carrick, Michael           DM C         ENG  28.7.81   29   3    -    £31.5K    12.6.14   £4M       
-   Chadwick, Luke             AM RL        ENG  18.11.80  29   43   4    £75K      6.6.14    £17.25M   
-   Clarke, Peter              D C          ENG  3.1.82    28   -    -    £18.25K   8.6.14    £3.5M     
-   Cole, Ashley               D L          ENG  20.12.80  29   75   1    £65K      14.5.14   £10.5M    
-   Curtis, John               SW/D RC      ENG  3.9.78    32   32   -    £60K      16.6.13   £5.25M    
-   Davenport, Callum          D C          ENG  1.1.83    27   -    -    £26.5K    22.6.11   £725K     
-   Defoe, Jermaine            S C          ENG  7.10.82   28   22   2    £43.5K    11.6.14   £10.5M    
-   Dunn, David                AM C         ENG  27.12.79  30   -    -    £30K      17.5.13   £5.75M    
-   Dyer, Kieron               DM RC        ENG  29.12.78  31   65   12   £85K      13.6.12   £10.75M   
-   Etherington, Matthew       AM L         ENG  14.8.81   29   26   3    £22K      8.6.14    £5.75M    
-   Ferdinand, Rio             D C          ENG  7.11.78   31   89   13   £95K      10.6.13   £8.75M    
-   Georcelin, Justin          S C          ENG  6.8.85    25   28   11   £90K      21.6.15   £17.75M   
-   Hargreaves, Owen           DM RLC       ENG  20.1.81   29   66   4    £23.5K    24.6.13   £5.75M    
-   Harrison, Lee              D C          ENG  20.8.88   22   -    -    £49.5K    2.5.15    £3.2M     
-   Hooper, Kevin              M C          ENG  21.12.86  23   -    -    £33.5K    5.6.15    £4.3M     
-   Ifill, Paul                AM/F RC      ENG  20.10.79  30   3    -    £47K      3.6.13    £6.25M    
-   Johnson, Andy              S C          ENG  10.2.81   29   -    -    £29.5K    1.6.12    £2.4M     
-   Kirkland, Christopher      GK           ENG  2.5.81    29   1    -    £47.5K    20.6.13   £5M       
-   Lescott, Joleon            D C          ENG  16.8.82   28   -    -    £26K      5.6.13    £4.8M     
-   Lewis, Peter               GK           ENG  19.6.85   25   5    -    £16K      19.6.14   £4.3M     
-   Lythe, Ashley              SW/D/DM LC   ENG  3.11.83   26   7    -    £46K      9.6.14    £5.25M    
-   Neville, Gary              D RC         ENG  18.2.75   35   115  -    £55K      20.6.11   £675K     
-   Neville, Phil              D/M RL       ENG  21.1.77   33   58   -    £45.5K    14.6.13   £2.7M     
-   Owen, Michael              S C          ENG  14.12.79  30   86   34   £90K      13.6.13   £14.5M    
-   Palmer, Keith              AM R         ENG  4.4.87    23   -    -    £12.75K   4.6.12    £4.5M     
-   Palmer, Nathan             S C          ENG  9.3.83    27   -    -    £15.75K   20.6.11   £2M       
-   Panayi, James              D LC         ENG  24.1.80   30   -    -    £15.25K   4.6.13    £3.1M     
-   Peacock, Lee               SW/D C       ENG  13.11.89  20   1    -    £11.25K   20.6.12   £3.9M     
-   Pennant, Jermaine          AM R         ENG  16.1.83   27   -    -    £42.5K    28.6.14   £6.25M    
-   Pountney, Craig            S C          ENG  23.11.79  30   -    -    £12K      3.6.13    £5.25M    
-   Pouton, Alan               AM RC        ENG  31.1.77   33   11   1    £29K      15.6.11   £2.6M     
-   Robinson, Paul             GK           ENG  15.10.79  31   64   -    £16.5K    15.6.15   £3.1M     
-   Ryan, Steve                D C          ENG  4.2.86    24   -    -    £10.75K   12.6.13   £1.1M     
-   Smith, Tommy               F RC         ENG  22.5.80   30   4    -    £49.5K    23.6.13   £6M       
-   Street, Kevin              AM RLC       ENG  25.11.77  32   3    -    £32.5K    27.6.12   £2.5M     
-   Taggart, Tony              AM L         ENG  10.3.82   28   -    -    £18.5K    8.6.13    £1.2M     
-   Taylor, Stuart             GK           ENG  28.11.80  29   -    -    £14.25K   18.6.13   £2M       
-   Terry, John                D C          ENG  7.12.80   29   17   2    £80K      22.5.14   £14.75M   
-   Wallwork, Ronnie           D/DM C       ENG  10.9.77   33   -    -    £16.25K   18.6.11   £1.8M     
-   Wellens, Richie            M C          ENG  26.3.80   30   11   -    £65K      19.6.13   £7.75M    
-   Woodgate, Jonathan         SW/D C       ENG  22.1.80   30   1    -    £35.5K    2.6.13    £2.8M

Martins plays for Wigan. As does Carl Cort.

Slough records
So, our short history.

Youngest Player - Ian Adams. Had big plans for this 15 year-old. Turned out he wasn't very good. Now at Scumthorpe. Oddly, his 7 league goals all came for us.

Lowest Attendance - 255 against Cambridge in the Vans Trophy. The only competition I never give a toss about.

Biggest Win - 6-0 against Stafford Rangers (Conference)
Biggest Loss - 1-5 against Southend (Third Division)
Highest Scoring Game - 5-3 against Colchester (Third Division)

Oldest Player - Kevin McPherson at 38. Sadly, he retired before I took over.

Biggest Buy - Steffan Bjarnarsson (£1.5m)
Biggest Sale - Razak Pimpong (£675k)

Dunwell has the scoring records. Before him it was Stuart John Dawe. He racked up 94 goals for us, during the Conference and Third Division years. A legend but has recently retired. Chris Beardsley was tipped to be his permanent successor, but he proved to be crap. He now plays with Fleetwood.

Jon Pickess is also a living legend in the squad. He's the record appearancer-er-er. Quite a solid career for the 30 year-old.

Sunderland have a dynasty going on, but Newcastle had Ronaldinho.

(oops, missed a season out on Pickess' history)


That Nice Guy
loving the biggest loss (H)

Is it me or did everyone sign Ifill and Woodgate :D

Looks like Jon was born in Sheffield :p


Fan Favourite
Took Celtic until last season to pry Woody from Leeds. Found that surprising. Ifill went to Leeds and then to Arsenal. I'm also managing the USA and my first World Cup finished in the Quarter Finals. Not bad, considering we overcame the French in the last 16. Vieira was dismissed for two yellows. Bruno Cheyrou scoring for the French.

Donovan spared our blushes against the Welsh, in the group stages. Andy Pugh came off the bench (One of Slough's internationals) but done very little. Pugh's another surprise package. He's the bloke at Braintree at the start. Never bothered to sign him but this time I decided to go for him. Cost me nothing and performs well. Angry, though.

Record disciplinary record with 15 yellows and one red (2008/9). That was good year for us. Yep, we still hold the First Division record for poor discipline.

52 yellows / 7 reds :hump:

FA Fines, touchline bans, etc... All the fun of the fair. I've also seen Uriah Rennie outdo himself. 4 reds in a match against Birmingham. 3 for them, one for us.


That Nice Guy
loving the disciplinary record.

Landon is ace on pre-CM4 games, really a very good player. To be fair that really is nothing for Uriah, did you know he has a black belt in Karate?