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Most of the youth products in my previous years were all awful. I've looked back at some of them and found a couple to be quite good. I'm actually playing the youngsters, this season.

Kevin Nicholls - D/DM(L)

Appeared a season or two back. First of the good youth products. Currently on loan to Wimbledon (Managed by Chris Perry - Slough FA Cup winner)

Stuart Grant - SW/D/DM(R/C)

When he first arrived I thought little of him. Now 21, he's showing to be a decent player.

Nigel Morris - D(C) - Another player I didn't think much of. At 21 he looks good. Could be a slow burner.

Sam Elliott - D/DM(L)

Better than Nicholls. Arrived this season. Currently doing okay in my awful reserves.

I'd have never expected products like these during my early days. I always ended up with awful midfielders. And I never heard anything positive from the assistant.


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 Slough Town - Sunday 10th July 2011

 2011/2 Fixtures

Date      Opposition                 Ven  Competition                     Res    Attend  Scorers
16.7.11   Real Madrid           ESP   A   Inter-Toto Cup 3rd Rnd Leg 1    ---    -----   
23.7.11   Real Madrid           ESP   H   Inter-Toto Cup 3rd Rnd Leg 2    ---    -----


Out 2-1. :(
In other news, we sign David Beckham.


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It's a sad day for Slough.


Had to be done. This club loses a lot of money, Michael wanted a new challenge and, after a bit of haggling, £6m crossed palms. Making him our record goalscorer and our record sale.

Couldn't have come at a worse time, really. 6 out of 6 in the new season. 9 of our 13 strikes coming from Dunners.

Played 330, Scored 272. Top goalscorer in a single season (57), Most league goals in single season (48), 179 league goals for the club (179), Most MoM's (18), Average Rating (8.15 - 34 apps).

Anyway, show must go on and all that. Half my squad are pissed off at the sale but what can you do?