Serie a contract with EA


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I noticed in the demo that Priemer League, La liga, Bundesliga and French League Logos were at players arm and also on the exhibition menu. But I didn't see Seria A logo on Players jeresy or menu.

I think there is no contract between Seria A and EA. Do you think it will cause some limitation of detail and quality in seria Kits and faces?


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It will be the same as last year. Some wrong names (Like Firenze AC instead of Fiorentina), generic logos and some generic kits.
Nothing that the community can´t fix:innocent_smile_1:


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Is it because of PES Contract with Serie A, I think Serie A officially has contract with PES.


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yes, but fifa have contracts with some of the clubs. Same thing for Fifa with Premier League, where Pes have contracts with only one or two clubs a year.


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I have a little confusion about these contracts. I don't know EA has contract with leagues, clubs or players? As a case in point, Mutu's name was not right last year and I didn't see Romario in the past 5 years in Fifa Series.

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EA has different ways to gain the rights of teams. The most simple way is to have the league rights. With the league rights they can use all official kits, names, logos of the teams of that league. If they don't have league rights as Serie A, they have to ask for rights to every single team. This is why some teams could not agree with EA SPORTS fee and could not give it the rights.
I don't know how the players rights are managed, sorry :(

About Serie A it seems that also Konami has lost the rights, so maybe in the future we will see Serie A licensed in FIFA :) Let's hope so ;)


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same happens with argentina
AFA doesn't work like LFP or Serie A, that's why argentina primera division is not on the game and boca and river are
on 07, argentina had a generic kit for the same reason, they have the name of the players because of the leagues they play, but not from AFA