SG Draft 2017 - official sign up thread

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Draft will start the minute the final whistle of the CL final blows on June 2. order will be drawn beforehand.

this is official sign up thread. even if you posted before, post here too. it will be a small group this year so entry will be pretty relaxed, anyone who wants to can play, BUT you must be able to commit to being active and making picks for the two weeks after June 2 (experienced members can try to use the list system but new players must be physically present)

obviously we have to have an even number, so if it's an odd number the last person to sign up won't make it unless you can persuade someone else to join.

1 sir Didier

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Andrei and sepak we need solemn promises of activity and availability from you both before we can let you play. are you SURE you are going to be able to check here EVERY DAY for 3 weeks or however long it takes?


SG's van Bommel
Bitch please.. You forget you are talking to an ex SG Draft Champion. I'm gonna be here on time and fuck everyone elses teams because I'm that good.