** SG United 2008 Screenshot Showoff **


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Filipower;2505583 said:
first official match, for the League, obvious rampage (H)

Goal from the left wing, most expensive player. Hope you guys have fun in this league, because I'm going to Bayern (H)

I hope I made myself a primadonna. Can't remember if I did.


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Tom;2505912 said:
Sorry, asked Daz to change it as i don't want my full name plastered all over the forum again. Hope no-one minds.
Whatever. It's your choice, but isn't the whole idea behind SG Utd that you can play with all the FM forum regulars at SG as a team in FM? I don't know but I've never seen any Mot Knossidor on this forum. If I decide to play with SG Utd I probably will do the same thing as rpvankasteren and edit it.

Hey, BTW, talking about forum regulars, I miss Cody in the team. Didn't he sign up? :(


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Oh for frigs sake, change it back then, or put it to Roddson, i don't mind if you're all that bothered.


nah that was the typical FM08 screw up...you can shoot how much you want and you don't score...but the opposite team gets one shote, they score...

at least for the first two, that is...because the third, as I mentioned, fluuuuke :(


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I don't complain about that. I do complain about the 90' goals. Now that really bothers me up. I lost a cup because of that, unfairly :(
I didn't realise I made myself 17 :(

And FWIW I'm starting to think that forum username "nick names" might be better - though that's something I might just put in myself.