** SG United 2008 Sign Up Thread **

Áļéאָ;2477412 said:
im currently plotting with tom in order to find a way to ban you 2001 and pre2001 registered members. So your days here are few

01 crew runs this place. Try that and Tom himself will be banned before any of us are. You don't realise what you're coming up against :junior:


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Done, although, I wanted to be GK, but filled out the outfield part just in case. Oh, and I put dirtiness as a strength, meaning high dirtiness, not the other way around.


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damnit Az, confusing things even more :p

Could whoever registered as "Miqdad" please reveal themselves - as i have no idea who you are, and no SG User assigned to that name.


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Right, that's 26 places. 4 more places for the first team/reserves. Any others after that will be youth players with lower CA/PA (obviously i might have to alter ages).


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ShiftyPowers;2476680 said:
I have posts in the old CM forum from August 2001. You weren't even registered friend. I also have CM posts in the FIFA 2000 forum.

Haha, Hey Im on ur side...Just not on Toms :p


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Alex;2477814 said:
Haha, Hey Im on ur side...Just not on Toms :p

Yeah! Screw Tom!

P.S. Thanks to everybody here. No one else is registered as an AML, the position is mine bitches!


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Parra Power;2477408 said:
Me too me too :bob::bob:

Those of us who were regulars on the CM forum pre-the CMGamer takeover/rapeage of our forum should clearly have the best statistics.:mrpimp:

I have a feeling we're going to start the game as 33 year olds :(


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I'll bring all of you pre-02ers down, i'm old school CM.

Ruud, Sir_Didier_Drogba, Alex, Liam:



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I was posting like a maniac in the Cm0102 days, god I was obsessed. I am definitly old skool.