SG United 2012 Screenshot Showoff


Sir Calumn

It's why I didn't sign up........... even Pannu has his username! I mean, come on, are we really concerned about protecting the identity of Lee Craig Stewart? He certainly isnt...


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Most of the players usernames in the game are just assigned nicknames though aren't they? I may be wrong but I remember seeing a few real names in the information tab


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It's not a big deal but was anyone even against putting real names in? I remember I wrote mine in the application. I don't even like 4ndr3i but sadly Andrei was taken by the time I registered here.


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Well if you really care you can nickname everyone inside the game to your desired given name for them.


The Von Trapps
Pizarro14;3201733 said:

#FAIL and I brought myself out for him. :clapwap:
hahaha that's pretty funny ... ironically I'm pretty sure I included technique as one of my strengths :-D ... would you mind posting my attributes page?


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Man I am bad. And at this age I cant even tell myself "ah well I'll improve". Loan me to a Championship side.


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this team is finally clicking insane!!! last two matches vs Man UTD and Wolves. I scored my second goal of the season on a sickkkk cross from Juventino. How do I upload the highlights in .ovc format? you gotta see this sickkkk MOVE TOM pulls on a defender! and my first header goal from a juventino cross!! (H)!!!!!!!!!! for f*cks sakeee


I have dreamt about this since 2004.


Starting XI
first club to come try to take away my squad. I'll let you guys decide. hmm

Dazzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! helppppppppppp :blush:

Damn it okay Daz who do you want to play for? seriously. :( ill let you pick. or u can stay and be a dynasty. ;_)

awesome -_____- Arsenal, Tott, or Man Utd? huh Daz? haha


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Haha! Must say i'm flattered by all the interest! :p

Can i use this as leverage to get a new contract? I'd like to stay faithful of course, but it'll cost you...