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Doesn't take me long at all to decide on CA (current league) / PA (well, high enough to have a good fight for european spots in the long run without it becoming too easy), as I have already performed segmentation on the lot of you, give or take a few.

How about leagues btw? League 2 sounds good to me, plus I sort of have everything for the club attuned to it right now.


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SG United should be renamed to AC Dello Soccergaming and placed in SerieC2, or Soccergaming Sport Verein, german regional division, or CSKA Dynamo Spartak Soccergamingski in Russia

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Just voted for random, following info I got from Ruud on the other thread... a full submission, imho, would enable players to "abuse" the game, like everyone choosing to have 20 pace and 20 acceleration... not to mention the amount of work needed...

as for the league, I guess League 2 is good enough... but that's because I always play with an english side... a different country would be good, but it'd have to be Italy or Spain, maybe Germany, as players will become good, and they'll want to move to "bigger" clubs.. being in a big league is a way to keep them, though I can be totally wrong here...


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having our SG name on nicknames is a must, i actually like the idea of having a few attributes high and rest random because its much less of a hastle for the creators


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the last time, when i started doing the team it took ages with "submission". Good luck if it gets "submission" this time too... To whoever makes the team


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I'd better state that a full submission form will not be used even if it wins this poll. The poll is just to see if my thoughts were right that many people would like to see the procedure following that road, and that mainly people looking for a real challenge were going to vote against it. I'm getting the feeling I was right, and that I'm going to have to step away from full random players, and let people give me pointers as to the mentality and technical qualities/deficiencies of their player.

Let's wait a week more, though, and see if anything changes.


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this time around ill get "mod" ability (H) lol

Not gonna vote because i dont mind, either is fine and i dont want to taint the results


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Filipower said:
call me a moron, but i don't know what exactly is SG United...can somebody explain it?:jap:
SoccerGaming Forum's own FM team. With the forum members as players (mainly people from the FM forum). ;)