SG's Ultimate Draft Challenge 2015


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Can we do FM stage the same way we do FIFA stage? Will definitely be way less time consuming than the league we tried a few years ago.

A league is 380 games, a tournament is 64 games.


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No skips in the first round. Sir_Didier_Drogba hasn't had the chance to see it yet since the Draft started so early.

Sir Didier Drogba

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I pmed Shifty to say I was away with no internet access all weekend up til today and I only have occasional iPhone wifi access until late tonight


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I always say I'm going to go all offense first and I always change my mind because there are simply more good attackers than everything else. Figured I'd finally pick a top CB. Can't see anyone giving me shit on this pick (other than picking a defender in the first round, which is really low value).


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I feel like Lahm has been where he is for so long that he's kind of forgotten now. Being moved around so much on the field will probably have people jumping on him not being elite, but the versatility is excellent as I can confidently play him on either side of Silva, in a THOU SHALT NOT TIP role at DM or as a mid-carillero hybrid as he's often played for Pep and he'd play at a first pick level at all 4.


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I'm amazed certain player is not picked ... players like Lahm are perfect for draft ... versatile players ... I didn't Matic to go this early but Sir_Didier_Drogba knows best ...


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Lahm has disappointed me a lot this season. I'm not nearly as high on him as I was 12 months ago. With that said I guess I can admit that he's a top 20ish player in the world. The only issue is that I'm not sure if he's top 20 in any one position or if it's his general quality and versatility that makes him generally great. I don't know if he could play fullback right now at a world class level and I don't believe he is a world class midfielder either.

Also Az, I get the joke, obviously I recognize Lahm's face, but just can everyone just post the real fucking name of the players they draft. We get into the later rounds and I have to start googling random nicknames of players I don't recognize and it becomes a hassle.


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I was mocking Xifio, party pooper.

I like both Matic and Modric picks, certainly moreso than Vidal and Iniesta and possibly even Kroos.

The thing about Lahm is that it's not a lack of form but lack of opportunity. He has played at worldclass level at every position, I'd rate him a top 10-15 CM and top 3, at least, at either fullback but the lack of exposure is damaging.

Bayern's ability to coast also means he isn't challenged and I for one stioped watching most Bayern matches past March because there was no point. If others did the same it is going to hurt my chances due to recency effect.

I'd worry about the same thing with Silva but absolutely no ome has emerged to even challenge him so I'd say that's safe.

I had the delusion that Matic might last until the 3rd based on the availability of other MCs.