SGT Kim's Face


Youth Team
Good but you have to work more on the jaw, it must be more protruding as in the photo.
I agree with you,you're a facemaker, you know how to do.But you not can comment this,you can be banned.

The rules here are absurd, if he gets 1% sad you can get banned.

Stay tuned, I mean serious.


Youth Team
I try to help these guys, that's all, they are doing a great job.
Yes,i know and i also try help they.

But the problem is that if the facemaker gets 1% sad you can be banned.

The head of Ihattaren looks small, it's a simple problem, the face looks great great job but I was still alerted by a moderator.


Youth Team
they are all beautiful faces, very good. and quote the boy above, you are one of the few who focuses a lot on the faces of the many talents scattered around the world who are little considered but who for us career lovers are more fundamental than the usual more famous known, keep it up.

Sergeant Kim

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