shooting control


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Hi, I'm new here. I wish I am not asking stupid questions in the wrong place. I've played the game for more than a year but still haven't figured out some subtle control for shooting. In the following I'll say E (east), S (south), W (west), N (north) for directions.

A. When the player is pretty much in front of the goal and facing it

Suppose the goal I'm shooting at is on the right side of the screen, i.e., E, and I'd like to shoot it to the upper side of the goal, i.e., NE. So, when I press the Square (shoot button), at the same time the directional button should be pointing NE, or sometimes even just N. However, after pressing the Square, if we keep the directional button to N, it means the ball will curve up in the air. It seems very hard to time the release of both buttons so that the ball won't curve up in the air. The only way that I figured out is to press Square very gently but then the power of the shot is less.

Do I have some misunderstanding of the control here?

B. When the player is from the wing position and facing the goal or just facing E

B1. Near post

Now suppose, on the screen, the player is SW of the goal. I'd like to shoot or head the ball to the near post. But in this case it seems that pointing the directional button SE would miss the goal. It's especially the case in header. How to shoot or head to the near post in this kind of situation?

B2. Far post

If I'd like to shoot the ball to the far post, I'll have to point the directional button to NE or just N. But usually the ball will curve N and miss the goal.

Both B1 and B2 suggest a question about the directional button: what does the directional button mean in the case of shooting? Is it giving a direction of the ball with respect to the far post or near post? Or is it giving a direction of the ball relative to the player?

C. R2 x 3 Feint for Ronaldinho at his peak

I used Ronaldinho a lot and he grows to about 5 points higher than the peak of the normal growth curve (Yes, you can beat the growth curve by using a player a lot and he would also decline much slower). Most of his statistics are above 95 at that time. Then I notice an interesting thing. Sometimes when I try to use feint by R2 x 2, I pressed R2 three times. The result is that, instead of the R2 x 2 feint, Ronaldinho would kick the ball a little up into the air which seems a very good trick for making a great shot. Too bad that I was always thinking of the usual R2 x 2 feint and didn't make use of the chance to shoot. Now he is too old and I can't do it with him.

Other players that I tried who can grow above 95 are Rooney, Messy and Fernando Torres. However, none of them does what Ronaldinho does. Does anyone have any idea of this?

Thank you!