simo's '14 Faces


Starting XI

List Face:
1.Ranocchia - Inter Milan
2.Campagnaro - Inter Milan
3.Lichtsteiner - Juventus
4.Vucinic update - Juventus
5.Pogba - Juventus
6.L. Insigne version 2 - Napoli
7.Higuain - Napoli
8.Behrami - Napoli
9.Ederson - Lazio
10.Danilo - Udinesse
11.Cerci - FC Torino
12.Astori - Cagliari
13.Dessena - Cagliari
14.Cigarini -Atalanta
15.Spolli - Catania
16.J M Vargas - Fiorentina
17. M Pasqual - Fiorentina
18.Diamanti - Bologna



Senior Squad
When I saw the preview, good models, alike front views, it did really attract me to click on the download button. Once I imported them in CM, the sides of the textures scared me again. Why don't you make better sides of your textures or simply use the EA's as bases? I don't think such distorted textures will help anything on similarity.:nape: