Skoczek's FIFA 07 "Remaster" continued


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Here's a few screenshots to hopefully stir up some interest.

I looked through the players and noticed just how weird the attributs were in fifa 07, you have fullbacks with 45 crossing or random 70 ovr central midfielder with 92 crossing, plenty of low overall players with just a random single attribute that's at 90 or higher. Also, many tall players also have high balance, which doesn't translate well to the fifa 14 engine, where short players have high balance due to their low centre of gravity while tall ones have it way lower. Potential also works differently, there's 20 yo players rated 75 for example with a potential of 75 or 34 yo players with high potential, this is because regens in fifa 07 are just the real players 'rehashed'.

Anyway, I can adjust the stats and potentials of all players in time, as well as making kits but I don't see the point in doing it unless someone can help me with getting at least tournament mode working. Right now the game crashes as soon as you enter it. Sure, single matches might be fun and nostalgic at first but it will get old fast.

So basically, unless we can get tournament mode working, doing anything else would be a waste of time.
Can you please reupload all these kits ?


My mod has never looked that good.
Btw. on one of the screenshot Mutu is without bump, so better use bump or bumpless version of him (like mine)
Do you have all these kits posted here ? If so, can you please post the link for me ? Thank you .