Southampton game for you to download (6.03)


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Hi all,

I'm enjoying the challenge of managing Southampton in the Championship. The fun is making the right signings at the beginning of the game which could really change your team around. I'm having so much fun and I've decided to upload my game for everyone to enjoy. I'm in midseason xmas 2005
edit: pm me if you want a copy of the save game.

You start off with a small 1 million pound transfer budget, and reasonable expectation from the board members: they want you to survive at midtable.

Not a problem. You have a decent squad, strong in defence, lacking in midfield/ wingers, decent in attack.

The former manager has helped you a lot my making the following loan signings:

ST Rasiak
ST Peter Madsen
AM L Kosowski
MC Richard Chaplow
MC Darren Potter

I terminated Chaplow and Potter, sold striker Jones for 1.8 million to increase my budget into 2.8 million and proceeded to buy

DMC Dider Digard (touted as next Viera)
DMC Brian O'Neill (experienced 32 yr old,my captain,Scottish Makelele)
AMC RL Boussoufa (veratile attacking player)
DC Karl Svensson (out of contract, great young Swedish prospect)
DRL, MRL Grizonic (verstaile utility player)

DC Calum Davenport (Spurs star. Loan signing)

I also fired some of my incompetent coaches, physios and scouts, and replaced them.

With this squad I managed to get these results.

I'm 1st in the league and O'Neill has the best average ratings.


Would love to see you guys start your game with Southampton. Lets see if you can do better.


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End of first season. Named champions 25th March :rockman:

New side for next season in the Premiership!

New Signings:

Old Folks:

MR Stelios Giannakopulus 35K 32 yr old
ML Kily Gonzalez Free 32 yr old
DR/MR Steve Finnan Free 30 yr old

Former Loan Signings
ST Rasiak (former Spurs player)
ST, ML Madsen, Peter

The Future!
AM RLC Gasbarroni, Andreas(former juve player) Free

New loan signings
ST Adebayor (Arse)
DMC Flamini (Arse)


Wonder how I'll do for the next season.

I was given a 1.5 Million transfer budget even though I made 19.75 million for the club by promotion.... 240K wage budget


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240,000 x 52= 12,480,000

That's why they don't want you to have more transfer budget. Need some cash to survive if you relegate. :p


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Update :)

4th March 2007, second season of my Southhampton game, now playing in the Premiership.

And I'm... 4th! For a couple of months in the beginning of the season I was first! But a little later United, Chelsea, the Arse and Liverpool showed how good they were.

Hoping to get into Champions League.

Lost to Tottenham in my League Cup final. Was very disappointed since it was my best chance to win some silverware for the club. I'm still in the 4th or 5th round of the FA cup, but realistically it'll be hard to play against United and Chelsea. Their players are simply better than mine.

Transfers I made during the summer to strengthen my squad. With a limited transfer budget I had to purchase young players for the future to build my side, so I captialized on players with expiring cotracts and transfer listed players.

Young stars like Carrizo, Cetout and Augusto Fernandez will be coming in later at the end of the season.

I'm glad that Adebayor, my loan signing is still leading the top scorer table with Ruud at 21 goals. I'd like to buy him, but he'd cost 6 million pounds which may be too much for me. Madsen, my other striker is doing reasonably well at 11 with 10 assists, having played 16 premiership games.

Gasbarroni, my main AMC 9 goals and 8 assists having played 26 games. Decent providing that this is his first season.

Lastly, since I was doing pretty well, I was approached by the Man City board on the 4th March to rescue them from relegation. They're 18th in the table.

The nerve! They probably didn't check my profile. I've been an United fan ever since I was seven. I'd love to see them get relegated. :rockman: I will honour my contract and stay with Southampton!

Lastly I hope the few people who are reading this thread are enjoying it. I'd like to see progress stories from all you other FM players. Come on, FM 2007 isn't out yet. It's time for you to play a new game,


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Looking at the "goals against" statistic it shows that my defence isn't good enough compared to the other big clubs. I'm glad that I'm scoring a lot of goals but that really is down to Adebayor doing so well. Luckily he hasn't had an injury yet.

It pays having good physios and the best coaches to get the best out of the players.


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Why do you erase your name when the name is in the history of the save game you provide? Doesnt make any sense. And it isnt erased properly either...


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(I should tell you this, Cody: It should be Jelle Klaasen :Bow:, not Jelle Klaassen :Bow:. :( Not like I hadn't noticed 6 months ago, but meh.)